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Most Effective Ways to De-Stress With Family in Town

Taking care of your stress during holidays with family

The holidays are a season to spend time with your loved ones, but they can also be stressful when family is in town. Too much togetherness can be nerve-wracking, and the extra food preparation and present buying can add to the chaos. These are some effective ways to de-stress when the family comes for a visit.

Don’t Overdo It

Make it a point to pace yourself with family in town. Set some limits in advance and stick to them. You may be doing some things because you always do them, or because you feel it’s expected of you. Don’t be afraid to change your outlook and take on less to reduce your stress.

Focus On Quality Rather Than Quantity

Don’t try to spend the maximum amount of time with everyone. When reconnecting with family, it is often best to do it in smaller doses and not everyone all at once. Dedicate the most time to the people you really want to see. And if time is tight, it is okay not to squeeze in hectic visits with absolutely everyone.

Avoid Conflict

Try not to get into heated conversations with visiting family members. Avoid controversial subjects, such as politics and religion. Instead, steer the conversation to a more common ground. Talk about children, hobbies, pets, or other subjects everyone can agree on. If someone insists on bringing up a contentious matter, make it clear, gently but firmly, that the topic will be reserved for discussion at a later time, if ever. 

Limit Alcohol Consumption

With family in town, you may feel like you really need a drink! But the best thing to do is limit your alcohol consumption to a moderate amount. After the third or fourth drink, you are more likely to say something you will regret later. Also bear in mind that a hangover will not contribute to your emotional wellbeing the following day. 

Go For Walks

Exercise and fresh air can help anyone destress. Invite family members to go with you, or take the time to walk alone. Walking releases endorphins, which stimulate relaxation and improve mood. You don’t have to maintain a fast pace to get the stress-relieving benefits of walking. A slower stroll at a comfortable pace can also relax you. 

Get Enough Sleep

It may be more difficult to get to bed early with family in town, but it’s worth making it happen for your state of mind. A good night’s sleep can significantly improve your mood, wellbeing, and productivity. If you are well-rested, it can be much easier to keep your cool when family situations start pushing your buttons. 

Take Care of Yourself

Staying fit, well-nourished, and healthy can reduce the stress in your life, even when family is in town. Physical health plays an important role in mental health and mood. Be sure to exercise, eat well, hydrate, get plenty of rest, and see your doctor for regular checkups. Our agent can help ensure you have health insurance coverage that enables you to get the best medical care.

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